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      “Redemption” is the name of my latest piece.

      What Can We Learn from Samson?
      Although the story ends sadly with Samson’s death, we can derive several applications from his life.

      1. We cannot abuse any gifts God has given us.
      God gifted Samson with incredible strength, but he often abused it, using the might to show off, rather than bring glory to God. He learns the hard way that the Lord can give and take away gifts in a moment’s notice.

      2. Sin leads to consequences.
      Samson didn’t see the immediate payout for some of his sin until much later, but it tends to catch us at the worst moments. When we feel like acting on impulse, like he had, we need to remind ourselves of the truth of Scriptures. We will encounter many Delilah’s in this world who will try to find our greatest weakness and exploit it.

      3. Even at our lowest, God can still use us.
      Derived of all strength and humiliated beyond measure, God returns Samson his strength for one last showdown. Although Samson dies in the process, he ends up killing more of Israel’s enemies than he ever had during his boastful, revengeful days.