“Catch the Wind” Fine Print
“Catch the Wind” Fine Print
“Catch the Wind” Fine Print
“Catch the Wind” Fine Print

“Catch the Wind” Fine Print

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Notes from the artist:

  • Used colors of the rainbow (God's promises) in wings (FREEDOM). There's freedom when we walk in God's ways and promises.
  • The man represents mankind and is facing the sun (read God's son). We must turn our backs to the darkness in our past to follow the Light of the world to experience true freedom.
  • The eagle is coming out of the rocks. The freedom that God brings can take you out of the hard place and /or give you the strength to continue in the way of righteousness.
  • Although the man isn't on the top level (his goal), he is worshiping God where is right now. We should always give thanks and worship God regardless of our circumstances.

Product Details:

Every room deserves to be special. These supreme quality print posters in various sizes serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized environment.
  • 264 gsm fine art paper
  • For indoor use


Holy Spirit presence is tangibly released through these stunningly intricate pieces. I love the heart and explanation of each piece.

| emotive | powerful | evocative |

Terri M.
Terri M. - Victoria, Australia

I feel such emotion when viewing John's work. It expresses things I have felt, things that give hope, and a real look into the Father's heart. Beautifully inspiring and filled with life giving passion.

Melodi W.
Melodi W. - Austin, Texas